As a Fleet Manager, you’re probably thinking how you can shorten the list to a top five and which tasks take precedence over others…

  1. Depending on how you look at things you may say controlling costs are the most important thing; you have a boss and they have a boss and chances are they care more about the bottom line than the day to day issues your drivers will face.
  2. If your angle is what generates the most problems, it’s probably vehicle downtime. How can your drivers get the job done if you’re busy trying to get them into other vehicles or join them up with other drivers in the area? That’s when a nationwide BSI10125 accredited mobile repair service by ATA qualified technicians would come in useful.
  3. With that in mind, how about replacement vehicles? It’s all well and good a garage providing a courtesy vehicle, but they’re not always appropriate for the job at hand. It’s bad enough the vehicle is off the road for a week but what happens when you have no plan b?
  4. How about online claims tracking and bespoke MI? Spending half your day on the phone fielding questions from drivers and chasing up repairers is the last thing you’ll want to do with your time. So being able to login and see, first-hand, the progress of your claim could save you hours per week.
  5. And last, but by no means least, ensuring you meet your responsibilities on duty of care and making pre-emptive decisions to keep your fleet compliant and mobile.

These five things could be the difference between doing your job and your job doing you. Luckily at MSL, we have already thought about all these examples and more, tailoring our service to make life a little easier for fleet managers.