In July 2017 the Supreme Court made a landmark ruling which abolished Employment Tribunal fees. As expected this has resulted in an increase in legal claims being presented.

In a March 2018 report by ACAS it is shown that since the fees were abolished notifications to the early conciliation process have increased by approximately 500 per week (up from 1700), meaning an increase of 25%.

Where ACAS has been unable to assist employers to settle a dispute through the early conciliation phase the Claimant employee is able to proceed to Tribunal. Statistics show an increase in new claims being submitted to the Employment Tribunal by 57%, compared to the same period the previous year.

The abolition of fees has removed the barrier from employees seeking legal redress and the opportunity to do so is clearly being taken up. Under the circumstances it is ever more essential to make sure your employee management is up to date, legally compliant and that you take advice whenever you face a potential problem with an employee.

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