Any RTA is a personal blow to those involved, but if the driver and vehicle are part of a fleet then this also affects the company’s bottom line. We’ve taken a look at what can be done to look after driver welfare and mitigate financial loss.

In 2017 there were 176,500 casualties as a result of road traffic accidents (RTAs) and with rising traffic levels logic dictates there will be an increased risk of being involved in an RTA.

Preparing for the worst

In a survey conducted by The Institute of Advanced Motorists, 100% of fleets said they had been involved in an accident where one of their drivers was at fault, which given the amount of miles fleet drivers cover, is not surprising.

So, as the old adage goes, fail to prepare and prepare to fail; in this case, our fleet accident management service in conjunction with our managed repair service is all the preparation you’ll need, from covering legal costs, providing a replacement vehicle even in fault accidents to efficiently organising repairs.

Do unto others…

We’re preaching to the converted; your driver is the most important factor when dealing with an RTA, so if they are unfortunate enough to sustain any injuries then you’ll need to know they are in safe hands. Our fleet accident management service includes access to MSL’s specialist rehabilitation team who ensure your driver returns to pre-accident condition via an array of rehabilitation options.

The vehicle experts

Yes, it’s a no-brainer, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t include it! Proper vehicle checks highlight minor problems that could prove costly in the long run, as evidenced by the recent campaign by Goodyear. Our flexible nationwide network of approved repairers can deal with everything from dents to write offs, ensuring your fleet is in tip top condition.

MSL’s recipe for happiness

Much like Mr Micawber, we are happiest when sticking within a budget and you probably are too which is why we offer advantageous parts and paint discounts and pre agreed labour rates so you know you are getting value for money.

So if you’re an intermediary with clients who could benefit from our Fleet Premier legal expenses insurance or managed repair service or a fleet manager who needs an accident management service to reduce fleet downtime (and stress levels!), get in touch.