MSL Vehicle Solutions were at the Driving Instructor Show which was held at Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester on 29 April. The show’s theme focused on teaching people with disabilities through a mix of seminars, workshops, and breakout sessions and over 1,000 people attended this informative and lively event.

The team met with driving instructors, trainers, in-car technology providers and brokers and as well as chatting about all things car related, asked some pertinent questions to gauge the mood of the market.

Dan Tattersall, Head of Business, said that the subject on many instructors’ minds was the future of diesel, as opposed to petrol or hybrid cars. Mixed messages from the government and other official bodies has left many instructors confused about the direction of future policy. However most were deciding to stick with their diesel vehicles for as long as they can.

Of the instructors questioned, 50% said they would still rather have a diesel vehicle, with just over 10% saying they would opt for an electric vehicle. Perhaps more surprising, given the mixed messages about the future policy, is that of the 50% that preferred diesel, none of them said they would consider petrol.

We also asked driving instructors to tell us what they think the biggest challenges are to their business in the next 12 months.

The two biggest challenges for instructors were the rising cost of fuel and attracting new pupils, (23% each), followed by tax increases for diesel cars and GDPR with 10% and 8% respectively. Interestingly, no instructors said they were worried about changes to the current driving test.

It was really helpful to hear what our customers thought and to be able to advise on the best way forward for their lease vehicles and chat about the industry in general; the team enjoyed such a successful day that we have already booked the Driving Instructor Show for next year!