Dan Tattersall, resident car geek and Head of MSL Vehicle Solutions comments on the hot topic of the moment, diesel…

Likely policy changes on diesel-engine vehicles are creating a stir in the market and will mean replacing these vehicles with petrol, hybrid and ultra-low emission vehicles.

“The move away from diesel is inevitable, but taxi drivers and driving instructors have always used diesels to cut the cost of mileage.”

For taxi drivers, change will be here even more quickly.

“It’s only a matter of time before diesels aren’t allowed in cities. In Leeds, for example, we are already working with the City Council to determine what the emissions requirements will be for taxi fleets.”

What makes this a make or break situation is that manufacturers currently only make diesel people carriers.

“If Councils ban all diesels from city centres, drivers with people carriers will be left stranded, so there needs to be some joined up thinking to make sure the impact of greener driving is properly managed.”

Dan’s take on dual-control cars is slightly different however:

“High mileage instructors tend to work in rural areas, so diesel use will continue for the time being in those areas of the UK. In cities, MSL has replaced the majority of diesel cars with the latest generation petrols and hybrids, such as Yaris and Fiesta.”

Changing emissions regulations is patently good for the environment, but the authorities should be encouraged to proceed with care to protect the market.

“There is nervousness among our customers about the impact of these changes on their livelihoods. At MSL, we will be working with them every step of the way to minimise risk and ensure they can continue to successfully serve their own customers in the future.”