How connected are you to your suppliers?

Are you constantly having to phone or email them to chase key bits of information? How much of your time is wasted each week, month, year? There is a better way.

MSL has a user friendly online platform, which gives you the ability to produce quotations, issue new policies and process bordereaux as well as offering real-time claims tracking.

We call it MSL Connect, and it’s one of the reasons we were recently named as the Claims Management Team of the Year at the 2017 Claims Management Awards.

And that’s not all.

As well as being able to track current cases, MSL Connect allows you to register new claims, making the claims experience as stress free and seamless as possible for your customer.

Daily updates

MSL Connect features a range of legal expenses and assistance products and provides brokers with full Management Information (MI) reports tailored to their specific needs. Data is transferred daily, making for efficient and cost-effective working practices.

There is also a document library so you can view Policy and Keyfacts documents as well as our full suite of product leaflets. To save you time and effort, all policies submitted via the portal are automatically transferred onto a Bordereaux sheet.

How connected are you?

When we designed MSL Connect, our biggest concern was how we could give our clients greater control over our service. We wanted a seamless connection that gave people what they needed without the frustration of chasing down the information.

We believe that MSL Connect bridges that gap and puts your client at the heart of everything we do. Interested in learning more? Our national sales manager, Ben Clarke, is happy to discuss any of our services.