This month we’ve taken a look at the advice offered on on how to deliver excellent customer service; we’re not going to delve into the nitty gritty for each sector, however there are some fundamental truths that should apply whatever your line of business.

Body Talk

Body language can speak volumes. If your business is conducted face to face then it is vital that you and your employees don’t inadvertently put customers off. The three main areas to focus on are:

Eye contact

Seems like an obvious one, but not engaging in eye contact will make your customer feel ill at ease and may even lead them to believe you’re deceiving them or have a lack of respect.

Body posture

It’s a dead giveaway. If you want your customers to feel valued then an approachable, open and interested posture is a must, so no crossed arms or slumped shoulders!


Not all gestures are bad, however anything that could be interpreted as insulting or aggressive will never be a good thing. Sudden, exaggerated or large movements can be unnerving and we’d hope that finger wagging and shaking fists would never form part of your customer dialogue!

Are you experienced?

We’re not suggesting you turn your place of work into the equivalent of Disneyland, but your customer’s experience with your service will outweigh the price and sometimes even quality of the product or service.

Your employees are your brand ambassadors; if you don’t train them well and treat them right then the chances are they won’t deliver the quality of service and overall experience you want to provide.

Remember that ultimately, the thing that people remember about doing business with you is how you made them feel.

Say what?

In this highly technological age, having your customer’s details and history available at all touch points should be a given; if they are repeatedly asked for information or have to explain their situation more than once then this is bound to lead to your customer feeling unimportant and frustrated. A good customer relationship management (CRM) platform can solve this issue, but only if all staff know how to access and use the information provided.

And finally

Some would say that the true indication of customer service is how a company deals with its complaints. As certified serial complainers who abhor bad service, we can confirm that you can win round a disgruntled customer with a timely, appropriate and positive response.