It’s that time of year which signals an influx of holiday requests, cheap tinsel and Christmas parties. For those battle hardened amongst you, the Christmas party venue would have been booked in January, usually at the same location as the previous five years.

This community chest focuses on behaviour at the event and how to ensure your employees represent you in the best possible light. Between this and our info filled article on how to avoid the Christmas party hangover from hell you will be fully equipped to deal with the festive season!

This month, we have scoured the business forums to get the best advice from those in the know, business owners.

Middle of the week

While a number of employees would love to have a Friday night Christmas party, the reality is that you’re much better off having a mid-week bash. Knowing they have to be in work the next day will hold a majority of people back.

Unauthorised absence

Set a limit to how many people can book the following day off and warn people in advance that unauthorised absence will not be tolerated. Ultimately some will risk it, but knowing that they won’t be paid for the absence will detract from an influx of pre-shift calls.

Attendance is mandatory

Don’t be one of those companies who tries to force people into attending. Some employees prefer not to get involved in the social side of the workplace and that’s fine! Don’t guilt people into attending, to each their own.

So, there you have it, advice and guidance from those in the know on the office Christmas party. Let us know if these helped or whether there’s something we’ve missed at or visit our pages on social media and use hashtag #OpsiumCommunityChest.