As most of you will be aware, new EU wide data protection rules (GDPR) will be implemented as of 25 May 2018. This will have a direct impact on all businesses with employees as well as ones that hold customer and prospects personal data.

GDPR will bring data protection into the 21st century, however failure to comply with the regulations could result in heavy fines of up to 20 million Euros or 4% of company annual turnover. In a bid to help you prepare, we thought we’d share some posts from our sister company Supportis who provide HR and Employment Law advice to SMEs.

Eastwood appointed new MD for MSL

Eastwood appointed new MD for MSL

MSL, part of the Drive Further collective, has appointed senior claims professional Glen Eastwood as managing director.

Glen begins his role at the Cheadle-based business immediately. Nick Garner, chief executive, said the role is a new one for MSL, which as well as providing legal expenses also delivers claims services including credit hire, legal services, and FNOL to insurance brokers, insurers and intermediaries in the areas of private car, fleet, driving instructor, taxi, classic car and motorcycle.

Nick said:

“We have grown considerably in recent months, and I felt we needed an experienced MD to make sure the different parts of the business are aligned and to have overall control of our strategy for growth.

Glen’s arrival is a measure of how ambitious we are for MSL. We believe the sector is full of opportunity following political and regulatory reform, and the continued expansion of technology-led propositions in the claims space.”

Glen Eastwood said:

“MSL is reinventing itself to offer a broader range of motor claims services, with a particular focus on niches, so it is an exciting time to be joining Nick and the team.

MSL has a ‘can-do’ reputation among our specialist segments, such as taxi, or driving instructors, where being back on the road immediately is essential to our customers being able to earn their living.

There are also significant challenges within our sector, for example the future for diesel and ULEV vehicles in light of changing government policy. I want MSL to be the go-to business for service and advice, and I am excited by the opportunity.”

Financial & Legal Insurance shortlisted at the Personal Injury Awards

Financial & Legal Insurance shortlisted at the Personal Injury Awards

Financial and Legal Insurance are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted in the Insurance Provider of the Year category once again at this year’s Personal Injury Awards.

The awards will take place on the 28th November at the prestigious Hilton Deansgate in Manchester. We are honoured to be named in a category alongside some of the biggest names in insurance.

The Eclipse Proclaim Personal Injury Awards provide a unique opportunity to highlight and celebrate the excellence of individuals and organisations across the personal injury sector.

We would like to take a moment to congratulate our fellow shortlisted nominees, and we look forward to seeing everyone on the night.

Young driver liability

Young driver liability

Whenever somebody hears the phrase ‘young driver’ they normally attach negative connotations to them. But could this be a little unfair? Well according to recent research, yes, it is.

A study recently carried out by Nextbase found that nearly a third (29%) of all 18-25 year olds were either wrongly blamed or struggled to prove they weren’t the at fault party in an accident. The study also found that young drivers regularly admitted to being at fault at the scene of the accident even it was not actually them who had caused the accident.

Blame culture

Nextbase, unsurprisingly, claim that if the car has a dash cam it can help prove which driver was at fault instead of it just being a war of words, as well as significantly reducing the cost of insurance. Obviously this is another bonus for young drivers who often face higher insurance premiums and is a welcome alternative for those that don’t want the limitations of a black box.

Young drivers taking the blame for an accident that wasn’t their fault could be the result of numerous things; they may not be confident enough to insist they weren’t at fault at the time of the accident, maybe they are in shock or it could just be that they aren’t educated well enough on who would be at fault in that scenario.

Although it’s not possible to teach the level of confidence that is gained from years of driving experience, or how to prepare for the shock of being involved in an accident, it may be that more education is required, whether that’s provided by more experienced drivers or instructors as part of the learning process.

This new research backs up the large number of other studies that justify why insurance for young drivers is so high; apparently a staggering 23% of 18-24 year olds crash within the first two years of passing their test.

Cause and effect

A major cause of accidents, and something the police are really trying to crack down on, is mobile phone use behind the wheel which is still a significant problem, especially among young drivers. A Brake survey found that 19% of young drivers admitted to texting whilst driving at least once a month, this is compared with 11% of older road users.

Statistics have also shown that young drivers that crash are twice as likely to be under the influence of alcohol as older drivers, despite years of campaigning.

So after taking all that in, what do you think? Are young drivers unfairly treated when it comes to insurance? Or are the high costs justified? Let us know on any of our social media channels.

Name your car day

Name your car day

As you may, or may not know, it’s name your car day on Tuesday 2nd October. So we thought what better way to celebrate than doing a survey? However, it turns out naming your car may not be as popular as this celebrated day would suggest…

Of our colleagues, only 29% said they actually name their car. However, there was a trend. 60% of the people that name their cars were female and 50% were Generation Z (17-23 years old), with millennials and Generation X being the least likely to give a name to their cars, with only 20% of each generation opting to do so.

Now, you may never have thought about naming your car before, but if you’re now thinking it’s a good idea then why not answer a few questions on‘s car name generator to see what you should call your trusty vehicle.

Alternatively, if you want to give it a bit more thought and the personal touch, here are some tips you can use to name your car.

Take your time

Don’t rush; things like this can take time. A fitting name won’t necessarily just pop into your head as soon as you get your car. The more you drive your car, the more likely it is an appropriate name will come to you. Hopefully one that infers reliability!

Make & model

Take into consideration your car’s characteristics. Is it a sports car or a family SUV? Does it make a lot of noise or none? Does it have an aggressive look or a kinder one? You will need to think about all of these things in order to come up with a name that suits it.

Your personality

Naming your car something speedy and aggressive is pretty pointless if you like to cruise around at way below the speed limit listening to classical music. Which of course we all do. Your car’s name should reflect a little bit about you as well.

Number plate inspiration

Your number plate can often be a great place to find inspiration for naming your car. If you’re lucky the last three letters will look like some kind of word and inspire you!


Of your favourite TV shows, movies, bands or music, are there any characters that have any similarities with your car?


Who doesn’t like a bit of alliteration? Our colleague survey uncovered Pearl the Peugeot, Flirty the Fiesta and Sally the Saab…so now that you have a few tips to get your brain ticking your car should have its name in no time.

Do you have a name for your car? Let us know via any of our social media channels.