Month: January 2018

Effective Date of Dismissal

Employer: ‘I’ve told my employee they can’t come back to work, what do I do now?’ Employment law adviser:  *Sigh* The first piece of advice to our reader is…don’t do this! Always take advice before you say anything to an employee that even vaguely suggests they can’t continue working for your business. In the case of Cosmeceuticals Ltd v Parkin the Employment Appeal Tribunal determined that the statutory definition of the Effective Date of Dismissal is the date that a summary dismissal is communicated to the employee, even where notice ought to have applied and wasn’t given. And in...

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Diesel: to be or not to be?

Dan Tattersall, resident car geek and Head of MSL Vehicle Solutions comments on the hot topic of the moment, diesel… Likely policy changes on diesel-engine vehicles are creating a stir in the market and will mean replacing these vehicles with petrol, hybrid and ultra-low emission vehicles. “The move away from diesel is inevitable, but taxi drivers and driving instructors have always used diesels to cut the cost of mileage.” For taxi drivers, change will be here even more quickly. “It’s only a matter of time before diesels aren’t allowed in cities. In Leeds, for example, we are already working...

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Connecting you to our services

How connected are you to your suppliers? Are you constantly having to phone or email them to chase key bits of information? How much of your time is wasted each week, month, year? There is a better way. MSL has a user friendly online platform, which gives you the ability to produce quotations, issue new policies and process bordereaux as well as offering real-time claims tracking. We call it MSL Connect, and it’s one of the reasons we were recently named as the Claims Management Team of the Year at the 2017 Claims Management Awards. And that’s not all....

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Litterbugs set for big fines

Have you ever dropped litter out of a car? Maybe you’ve just finished a cigarette and you flick the remnants out of the window. If you’re one of those who use our roads as your own personal recycling bin, get ready to pay the piper. From April 2018, the maximum fine for littering is set to increase from £80 to £150, with motorists also being liable if their passenger is caught littering. The minimum penalty is also due to rise from £50 to £65, with the default fine increasing £25 from £75 to £100. £800 million a year The...

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Community Chest: How to deliver excellent customer service

This month we’ve taken a look at the advice offered on on how to deliver excellent customer service; we’re not going to delve into the nitty gritty for each sector, however there are some fundamental truths that should apply whatever your line of business. Body Talk Body language can speak volumes. If your business is conducted face to face then it is vital that you and your employees don’t inadvertently put customers off. The three main areas to focus on are: Eye contact Seems like an obvious one, but not engaging in eye contact will make your customer...

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